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The P.A.C.E. New England Story

Every year P.A.C.E. attempts to introduce much needed training to motivated law enforcement personnel. Although the school is primarily about Criminal Interdiction, there have been several different topics that P.A.C.E. felt would aid officers in their career. In the past, P.A.C.E. introduced such speakers as Sgt Bobby Smith of the Louisiana State Police. Tpr Smith spoke of being shot in the line of duty resulting in his total blindness and how, as a police officer, this put life into perspective. He is an awesome presenter with a great philosophy!

At another seminar, P.A.C.E. covered club drugs. Officers had been discovering bizarre pills and had no idea what these were. This was an eye-opening class to even veteran officers who worked cocaine, marijuana, and heroin and were now seeing OC, X, GHB, and similar drugs.

At yet another seminar, Crystal Meth, "clan lab" awareness was discussed. In addition, Sgt Lanny Bergeron of the Louisiana State Police, "Interdiction officer of the Year" was introduced to instruct on Commercial Interdiction. Since there has never been a cold stop-major drug seizure from a commercial vehicle (TT-Unit) in Massachusetts, P.A.C.E. felt this would be a good class. Lanny truly walks the talk!

After each seminar we read the critiques you provide of the seminar and we act on them. Attendees asked for more "legal" information so in response we invited Attorney John Scheft because he is the best at what he does: teach to cops. Last year we introduced Det. Joe Petrocelli who worked to improve the officer "court presentation". Again, awesome!

Who is P.A.C.E.?

P.A.C.E. was established by a few Troopers who felt there was a void in "Criminal Interdiction" training in Massachusetts. The goal was to create and present the BEST training possible. No member of the P.A.C.E. staff receives a salary and does this for "you" in their spare time... because you are us and we truly believe in our cause! We do this because you are our brothers, our sisters, our families, and our friends.

Officers like Cpl Connor, Tpr Romero, and Sgt Bergeron "interdict" smugglers traveling across their state with contraband destined for recipient cities like NY, Atlanta, and Chicago but here in Mass. we are at "the end of the rainbow". The contraband you seize is destined for your streets! Think about that! This seminar helps us present a unified front, one concerted effort to make our own communities safer and as crime free as we can.

Stay safe and God Bless!

P.A.C.E. (Pro Active Criminal Enforcement) New England